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Our goal is to improve test coverage, increase testing speed, decrease time to market, accelerate software development speed and reduce field failures. We are an Embedded Engineering company which specializes in Model based Development, Hardware-In-Loop testing, Development of Calibration software hooks & Test Automation of functional- diagnostics requirements.
"We reduce time to market, cut cost and improve software quality…"

Innovative Product Engineering

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Vik enthusiastically accepted new challenges and helped ensure that the deliveries to the customer were of excellent quality and defect free. He is a team player who volunteers to help others in his team willingly. He will be an asset to any team that he is part of.

- Director, Whirlpool
Vik is strong technically but his biggest strength is the ability to positively influence people whom he works with. He has a very strong work ethic, is highly committed and is very diligent in his work. Being a people person, he has excellent managerial skills not only when dealing with day-to-day tasks but most importantly when dealing with various people under varied conditions. He is also a lot of fun to work with.

- Technical Lead, Magna
I had a chance to work very closely with Vikram in implementing test solutions for a wide range of applications. He has a very deep understanding of embedded systems and has applied this to finding novel solutions for software testing in multiple applications for multiple customers. Vikram is the go-to guy when the job needs to get done right.

- Team Leader, dSPACE
Few managers have the initiative and ability to successfully hire software consultants who would be able to work on software development projects remotely. Vikram, who I've had the great opportunity to work with was able to do so very successful.

- Project Manager, Johnson Control’s
Vik provided technical advice and a long term strategic view to our business division mainly in software verification and validation activities. Vik has a proven track launching products with the highest standards reducing time to market. His hands-on approach, broad perspective on technology from different vendors (dSPACE, ETAS and NI) and test automation know-how combined with his excellent communication skills make him a great asset to any company.

- Mkt. Manager, Mathworks
I was new to HiL, and Vikram taught me a lot. He is a great collaborator. He walked me through HiL setup and design processes. He introduced me to suppliers and partners, and helped compare and quote each. He also communicated a clear vision for HiL and model based design.

- Staff Engineer, Manitowoc
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