Think globally GREENER, smarter, faster


Think globally GREENER, smarter, faster

The UK is leading Europe towards an ambitious target of net zero emissions by 2030, and the automotive industry is contributing significantly towards this goal.
This has resulted in huge investments in R&D and innovation. Thus, the OEMs, Tier1s and startups of this industry are aligning themselves with the megatrend of Connected, Autonomous, Smart & Electric (CASE) technologies, and are adopting newer technologies in their operations at an unprecedented scale, such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data & analytics, internet of things (IoT) and blockchain.
The European automotive industry is also well situated to be the centre for developing, testing, and adopting new technologies – and this has prompted Methodica Technologies to enter the UK & Europe market by leveraging our global presence in the US, Canada and Germany to further support its growth.
Methodica Technologies Ltd. is an emerging global technology consulting firm, offering embedded solutions supporting the automotive industry. Its goal is to become a preferred total solutions provider for Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP), Embedded Software & Model-Based Development (MBD), Calibration Support, Test Automation and Hardware in Loop Testing (HIL).

“In this everchanging and disruptive e-mobility landscape,
Methodica has already grabbed attention from OEMs, Tier1s
and Start-ups, with state-of-the-art IT & office infrastructure
and niche expertise.”

Vivek Maladkar
Director – Europe Business & Operations Unit


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