Training Matlab & Simulink

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Training classes in Matlab, Simulink, and Stateflow

Methodica model-based training on Mathworks Tool Chain (Matlab/Simulink/Stateflow) is based on exclusive product knowledge. Students can better understand the training content with our extensive training materials and practical examples.


We have a variety of training options and instructor expertise.

    Methodica Technologies can

    Matlab, Simulink and Stateflow
    HiL Representation of Wiper Control System

    Provide custom training on the topics that add the most value to your organization.

    **Disclaimer: Methodica Technologies exclusively designs its training services for MathWorks-related curricula. Methodica is a separate, privately held company and an alliance partnership with Mathworks. We do not reprint, nor in any way misuse, Mathworks’ own training materials.

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    Solutions won’t take more than 24 hours to be delivered and proceeded.

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