P-Series(Peekaboo) is MTech’s latest addition
to the data driven development

Autonomous, ADAS,
System Development

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P-Series (Peekaboo) is MTech’s latest addition to data-driven development in the area of autonomous, ADAS, and system development. The P-series (Peekaboo) product is commercially use in the market since 01-July-2020 and The Peekaboo logo approved since 04-May-2021. Its primary function is to log and store varied data formats from multiple sensors such as LIDAR, camera, GPS, IMU, and Vehicle bus, in a single hardware time-synchronized rate. It is also capable of replaying the data directly on to the ADAS ECU chip by mimicking the real-world input to the perception EDU’s. A few features of VOC are:


  • Capable of logging LIDAR point cloud, Camera GMSL, FPLink, RADAR point cloud, GPS, IMU data with time synchronization of  12.8 ns
  • Capable of  supporting 3 Channels of the camera, 1 LIDAR, 1 GPS ,1 IMU , 2 channel CAN sensor data in a single unit 
  • Can be stacked together to increase the scalability , data stored in ADTF format or as requested by the end-user requirements.
  • User interface to support trigger logging  with advanced selective logging functionalities
  • Fully configurable hardware  inputs and outputs based on the user’s environmental needs
  • Capable of supporting up to 3840×2160 at 44 frames for camera data 10 Gbps ethernet for LIDAR/RADAR data


  • Customized adaptor board as per the camera ECU requirement
  • Capable of reprocessing /replaying logged data in a time-synchronized manner along with vehicle bus
  • Can be coupled with an ADAS simulator for injecting synthetic /simulated data on to the perception ECU’s
  • Hardware data injection on-to the Perception ECU’s to measure the precision and correctness of the ADAS/Autonomous ECU under test accurately.
  • Cost-effective solution with respect to replacing the need for multiple simulation tools 


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