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AUTOSAR aims to standardize the software architecture of Electronic Control Units (ECUs). AUTOSAR aims to improve complexity management of integrated E/E architectures through increased reuse and exchangeability of SW modules between OEMs and suppliers.


AUTOSAR Benefits

Hardware and software –widely independent of each other
Development can be de-coupled by horizontal layers, reducing development time and costs
Reuse of software enhances quality and efficiency

Services We Deliver

Preparing for your success,
we provide genuinely prominent AUTOSAR Services.

Current Challenges of OEMs

  • Huge cost pressure from the market which triggers the alarm to improve E/E architecture with minimum complexity
  • Safety ISO 26262 certifications
  • Variant Handling across Vehicle platforms across Model Year Programs
  • Data Security and IoT
  • Better Diagnostics
  • Availability of AUTOSAR skills, knowhow and realization of AUTOSAR compliant ECU programming

Our Aim to Address current OEM Challenges

The demand for off-the-shelf AUTOSAR base software stacks is due to increasing requirements for compliance with AUTOSAR standards. At the same time, the supplier market is becoming increasingly consolidated, with a few stack suppliers catering to the needs of the entire industry. In this situation, the suppliers cannot offer customized services to either customer. At Methodica, we position ourselves to offer services for customizing off-the-shelf base software stacks from leading suppliers to meet the needs of each of our customers. We offer services in configuration and integrating third-party stacks per our client’s specific requirements.
Similarly, most automotive embedded products suppliers have specific requirements for certain base software modules that are not provided by the off-the-shelf products. We offer experienced AUTOSAR developers for such special-needs Base Software module development. Similarly, many application-specific Complex Device Drivers are not provided in the available AUTOSAR products. We bring the expertise and experience in developing such CDD modules specific to the needs of each product, and at the same time complying with the AUTOSAR architecture

Our Expertise

  • Experienced and competent AUTOSAR engineers in Technology, Quality, and domain.
  • Hands-on experience working with BSW stacks and configuration tools from different suppliers such as Vector, Elektrobit, ETAS, and Mentor Graphics
  • A pool of experienced engineers with the working knowhow of various global OEM architectures, including GM Global B, Renault-Nissan Alliances C1A architecture, Volvo/Geely CMA/SPA Platform, BMW BAC Integrations, and iStep processes
  • Automotive Engineers with ASPICE Process knowhow
  • AUTOSAR compliant application software development for conventional and EV/Hybrid Vehicles

We run all kinds of AUTOSAR services that vow your success

Our Engineering, Consultancy, and Training Services Include

Our Engineering Services

  • Integrating third-party AUTOSAR R4.x BSW Stack with customer application
  • Migrating of Non-Autosar platform to AUTOSAR Platform
  • Configurating of 3rd Part AUTOSAR BSW Stack as per OEM .arxml, .dbc, .ldf
  • OEM Specific Module development and integration
  • AUTOSAR compliant MCAL Driver Development
  • Complex Device Drivers(CDD) Development and Integration
  • Executing OEM-specific tests
  • Configuring and Integrating OEM Bootloader
  • AUTOSAR BSW Porting to new hardware
  • Variant handling

Consultancy & Training Services

  • Step by Step approach for migrating existing Legacy Software to AUTOSAR compliant
  • Training with a special attention on how to utilize AUTOSAR, including instruction on standard tools such as DaVinci
  • System engineering for conventional as well as hybrid powertrains.
  • Modelling and Simulation of the vehicle and its sub-systems.
  • ISO 26262: Road Vehicle – Functional Safety.
  • Setting up ASPICE and Quality Guidelines within various customer departments.

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