iTAP Automation Support

The iTAP (Independent Test Automation Platform) was designed internally by Methodica partners.

The iTAP platform can be used to write test scripts for the test bench tools used for Hardware-In-Loop testing of the application and diagnostic software running on the electronics control units. iTAP has various HIL test bench tools integrated with a clean tool abstraction layer. This enables users to switch between tools smoothly and integrate solutions to satisfy their software testing needs. The iTAP test automation platform enables testing to happen anytime and much faster than a human being. This results in increased test coverage and reduced text execution time, allowing for a quicker time to market. You will be able to analyze difficult test requirements and signal data extraction with the assistance of our evaluation libraries, which include complex dynamic algorithms.


Evaluation Functions

  • The evaluation API provides methods to compare measurement data against expected data.
  • The advantage of this approach is that every sample will be compared.
  • The basic evaluation can be done with iTAP Signal objects and overloaded arithmetic operations.
  • This example shows the elementary syntax of an evaluation routine.
Eval copy

Methodica Technologies can

Custom configure this platform, exclusively meeting your test needs
Develop customer evaluation libraries
Integrate and automate your present and future HIL test bench testing tools


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